What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a skin treatment that helps remove damaged skin cells. If a patient has pigmentation, superficial lines, acne, or textural problems, we carry a wide variety of at-home and professional chemical peel treatments. This is a great start for someone who is looking for added stimulation and deeper exfoliation for their facial experience. We have a wide range of light to deep peels that will accommodate every client’s specific needs. Chemical peels come in different concentrations, with different ingredients and lengths of contact with the skin. Skin redness, sloughing, and sensation vary between skin types and peel ingredients being used.

What is the step-by-step process of a chemical peel?

When a client receives a chemical peel, they should first expect a cleansing of the skin, adding of the prepping agent to the skin, layers or passes of the active peel ingredients, neutralization of the peel (if applicable), hydration, and SPF. It is very important to have an SPF on after a chemical peel because the skin has just been treated with ingredients that make the skin very sensitive to sunlight. This could cause someone to burn quicker than normal and hence start more sun damage.

Why come to Denovo Medspa to receive a chemical peel?

At Denovo Medspa, our aesthetician likes to make sure consultations are provided for chemical peels as well as what a patient’s homecare looks like. Following the consultation, we proceed with the treatment. A chemical peel treatment takes about 30 minutes and should be repeated every three to six weeks until desired results are achieved. Lastly, high-quality homecare products are a must with chemical peels as well as using sunscreen on a daily basis to help maximize peel results.

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