Laser Hair Removal

Enjoy the luxury and convenience of smooth, hair-free skin all the time with laser hair removal! Laser or light based hair removal effectively and comfortably reduces unwanted hair. This treatment uses light energy that passes through the skin to be absorbed by the brown melanin pigment of the hair shaft and hair follicle. The heat build up disrupts the hair follicle such that hair is no longer able to grow. It can also be used anywhere there is hair and has virtually no downtime.

Treatments at our Eau Claire facility involve cleaning the area, shaving if needed, applying a clear gel and passing an energy emitting handpiece over the treatment area. Brief warmth may be felt during energy transfer. Post treatment cooling gel may be used if preferred. Stubble growth appears before the damaged hair follicle purges, leaving smooth skin.

We have and always will use professional draping techniques to respect your privacy.

For optimal removal the hair must be in an active growth phase, explaining why several treatments are needed for maximal effect. An occasional maintenance treatment helps touch up any hair regrowth.

If you are interested in our laser hair treatment, give us a call at (715) 835.2285 or contact us. Our facility is located in Eau Claire, WI.

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